Tuesday, 5 November 2013

There's a sucker born every minute...

And in my case that particular minute was back in the 70s. But despite the fact I should know better by now I still forked out far too much of my hard earned dosh for Fuller's new Imperial Stout.

Having been successful in my second attempt at stocking up on sucker juice I managed to wait a whole day (well it was bottled conditioned) before drinking it.

And sure enough, I had been a sucker. The beer seemed a bit one dimensional really. It was very smooth, sweet, but really lacking a bit of bite. It could have done with some more hops, or perhaps a squirt of lactic acid. I couldn't notice any American hop flavour, and unsurprisingly the rose buds didn't register either. Turkish delight my arse the lovely Lisa said.

The beer would certainly make a great fruit cake, and probably improve with age, but I'm not going to find out as it cost so bleeding much it massively failed the Guinness FES test and I won't be buying it again.


  1. It was good on cask, but not gunna fork out the money for a bottle, though £70 for 12 bottles isn't the worst price ever...

    looking forward to trying the new past masters though

    1. The good people at Fuller's put the price up to £8.50 a bottle when you buy it direct at the brewery shop.

  2. Ha, I know what you mean about the Guinness FES test. I've not found a lot of stouts that pass it.

  3. And it's widely available at supermarket prices! :-)

  4. I agree that the cask version was really nice. The fact that it was free made it taste even nicer.

  5. sadly the last FES I had was undrinkable. Massively under attenuated and astringently roasty. In fact downright worty . Sad.