Monday 9 June 2014

The long march

My last climbing trip was not hugely successful as there was an awful lot of rain about. I did manage to bag another E point though, and had my first go at climbing on slate, which was good but unrelenting.

But enough about that, you're only here for the beer.

On a wet day, whilst failing to find anywhere dry to climb I spotted a brewpub in the valley over from where we were staying. With more rain forecast we decided to hoof it over there the next day.

Are we nearly there yet?

The pub reminded me of a social club more than anything, though I don't know if any clubs have breweries.

The staff were very friendly, and though I doubt the beer would have got my fellow beer nerds as excited as say, canned beer being on sale in Wetherspoons* it was very welcome. I stuck at two pints though, I had a long walk back.

* I still don't get that one. 

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