Friday 6 June 2014

The Session #88: A Mickey mouse drink

The Session is that time when beer bloggers get to the pub early and drink weak beer until chucking out time. Or something.

It's not often I take part, but the latest one gave me an idea about what to do with some beer I had in my fridge. I'd ended up with a pint or so of cask beer poured two days earlier, and a can of European lager. Neither were very appealing but with the thought of beer mixing in my mind a drink a friend had told me about after working as a barman in Birmingham suggested itself as a possibility: The Mickey Mouse. A mixture of lager and bitter it sounds like mickey mouse drink so was not something I'd tried before.

Reaching for my big glass I mixed the two beers and inspected the contents.

A pleasing amber colour, the fizz from the can pepped up the tired cask beer, and the mix had lost the unpleasant vegetable flavour you get in lagers. It tasted like a light ale and went down surprisingly well. Who'd have thought it, the Mickey Mouse is better than the sum of its parts.Oh boy!

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  1. Used to serve this in a pub in Coventry in the seventies. Quite popular!