Friday 20 June 2014

lightstrike and oxygen

 I spotted an interesting snippet on lightstrike in the Handbook of Brewing the other day.

Discussing the reaction that causes lightstrike in beer it states:

"The reaction requires activation by near UV, blue light and is also believed to require an electron-like transferring cofactor such as riboflavin. Interestingly, the reaction is blocked by molecular oxygen, which perhaps explains why outdoor drinkers of beer on a sunny day do not often complain of skunky taints forming in their beer."

I hadn't heard that before, and as ever it seems more research is necessary.


  1. I've often thought that beer tastes better outdoors.Does the light and oxygen have an effect, or is it merely such a treat to be outside with a pint in working hours?

  2. I don't think light ever has a good effect on beer, but it definitely does on people!