Friday 16 April 2010

Britains biggest bottled beer brands

One interesting fact I picked up yesterday was a list of ten best selling bottled beers in Britain.

Anyone fancy having a guess at what's on the list?


  1. Beer or ale?

    Ale I'd take a guess at: Various Badger's. Hobgoblin. Pedigree. Something from Adnams. Fullers London Pride. Greene King IPA. I'd love to here Hook Norton Bitter or Old Hooky. Mann's Brown and Newcastle Brown based on combined on-/off-trade sales?

  2. Best selling... if we are talking purely beer and not lager then ill go for the list including black sheep, old perculiar, speckled hen, hoegarden, hobgoblin and bass as they are all avaible in supermarkets.

  3. In sales volume or sales turnover?

    The big boxes of bottled lout will sell more volume, but at 30-40p a bottle. The premium pong will sell less at £1.50-£2.00 a bottle, but with higher margins.

  4. If we're just talking bottled ales, I'd say Newcastle Brown, Old Speckled Hen, Hobgoblin, Pedigree, Tanglefoot and Bombardier would probably all feature on the list.