Thursday 15 April 2010

A day at Brewing Research International

Today I went to Brewing Research International. A day on "Technical troubleshooting in the brewery" was organised, with a series of talks and practical demonstrations. It was also free for SIBA members! 

The talks were interesting, if not quite what I would have expected from the day's billing (is what the legal requirement are for labels really troubleshooting?). And the two people I'd most been looking forward to seeing, a bloke I studied brewing with who now works at BRI, and the guy that brought Goose Island IPA to Safeways (who was meant to be giving at talk), were both struck down with lurgy so weren't there.

But enough quibbling, it's was great to see round BRI. What could you not like about something dedicated to brewing research? I myself devote a lot of my time to brewing research field work as well as my own research into making the perfect pint as my day job. 

I'll post more on this when I get the time as some of the talks covered stuff that I'm sure will be of interest to my fellow beer nerds.

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