Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Cask pub and kitchen, Pimlico

For Easter we went to the Cask pub and kitchen in Pimlico. There's been a bit of a buzz on the internet about this pub so I was keen to check it out. Particularly as the lovely Lisa had already been there on a day off whilst I was slaving away over a hot mash tun. 

It's in the grottier end of Pimlico, being stuck on the corner of some 70s flats. Inside it has the look of a canteen about it, bright and airy but no cosy nooks and crannies here. Not the sort of pub I'll normally seek out to be honest.

There are what looks like a good range of keg and bottled beers on offer for those that care about such things. Personally I don't, so I'll move swiftly on. There were  a two each from Thornbridge and Darkstar on the hand pumps and well as couple from other breweries. Thornbrige are interesting but I've not always been taken with their beers so I started on a Darkstar Hophead and the lovely Lisa went for the American Pale Ale. 

Both beers were good but we reckon the Hophead had the edge as there was a hint of wet dog about the American Pale Ale. 

Moving on to Thornbridge next, they didn't disappoint this time and both the grapefruit flavoured Kipling and the sweet brown ale Ashford were on form. Sadly the Big bunny beer I had from Brentwood wasn't,  oh well you can't have everything. 

Our recently converted mate Dan had a few pints of a cask stout whose name now escapes me (sorry for the terrible beer nerd failure there) before having some German keg lager and wheat beers. The keg beers did make him feel a bit bloated though and he now fears there may be no going back! 

We had a Sunday roast, which was good, before working our way back to Waterloo. We had a couple of stops for refreshments along the way. Nothing of note though, as one of the pubs was a Fuller's pub that didn't have anything special on for cask ale week, so sadly no draught 1845 for me and the other was a Badger's pub and I've never really liked their beers as they're too flowery for my taste. 


  1. Cask is a great place. Not many pubs you can walk in to and be sure that they'll have at least one Thornbridge and one Dark Star beer on.

    You're right about the location though, I'm not convinced it'll attract the casual passer by.

  2. You can't knock the beer range but I want more than that in a pub.