Tuesday 27 April 2010

Western Lake District Recommendations Anyone?

The lovely Lisa and I will be heading to Loweswater for a week on Friday. It's no coincidence that we'll be staying a short walking distance from the Kirkstile Inn but is there anywhere else we should check out? Recommendations for walks would be good too as we'll need to earn our beer. 


  1. One of these




    Ought to let you take some cold lout up hill and down dale. The pubs will be a sting. Stay on the hill with some cold lout.

  2. If you head up to the Northern edge of the Lakes this place is great http://www.theoldcrownpub.co.uk/
    They were the UK's first village co-operative I believe.... brewery on the premises also.

  3. There's a half decent pub down the hill towards Brotherswater from the Kirkstile Inn, can't remember the name of it, but it has a camp site called Sykeside attached (went in after a day's walking before returning to the tent in the bottom field - this may have clouded my judgement, but might be worth checking out if you fancy a stroll).

  4. Cooking lager: I don't want to lug a load of what is mostly water up and down hills.

    The Pub Diaries: The lovely Lisa and I made a point of camping in Hesket Newmarket one weekend so we could both get bladdered in the Old crown!

    ChrisM: I think you must be thinking of another Kirkstile Inn, we'll be staying in Loweswater.