Tuesday 14 February 2012

Battle of the brewers

I'm going to be competing in a 'battle of the brewers' on Friday. Sadly, I'm woefully ill prepared.
I don't know what rules we'll be fighting under, though given the number of times 'cage fighting' cropped up on brewer of the year Stuart Howe's blog I'm guessing it will be MMA.

Fortunately when I was in Edinburgh studying brewing and distilling I took the precaution of joining an MMA club but I can't get away from the fact that thai boxing is really my thing and if it goes to the ground it won't be looking good for me.

To compound my problems I don't know who I'll be up against so I can't study the tapes, my fitness is not what it should be and my deputy is off meditating so I won't have anyone in my corner.

But enough of this whinging, I knew the risks when I took on the job of Head Brewer. It's up to me to uphold the honour of the brewery, so lets hope I put on a good show.

The bout starts at 8pm on Friday (17th Feb) at The Padwell Arms, Seal near Sevenoaks, more details here.