Wednesday 8 February 2012


Yesterday I went to Reading to pick up some empty casks. Kegwatch keep track of errant casks that draymen from big companies have uplifted in error. For us they eventually end up in Reading (when all goes well) but we'd also had a load that ended up at 'KNDL Thatcham' which is close to Reading so I went there first.

Though the satnav gave me enormous grief making me play 'press the dot' before I could get going eventually I was directed to a large industrial estate. Having learnt a thing or two about satnavs I get wary when I've almost arrived as it's when you're close that you start to realise post codes can cover quite an area.

So as I couldn't see any sign of KNDL and the building I was being directed to said 'Kuehne and Nagel' with an anchor logo underneath so I pulled up before the entrance and started looking for the KNDL phone number. Fortunately before I could phone then and tell them I was sat outside Kuehne and Nagel and ask them how to get to them I noticed a security guard on the gate leaning out of his window and waving at me. I then noticed that behind the gatehouse was the biggest stack of casks and kegs I've ever seen in my life. Yes, I felt like a right 'nana. KNDL stands for ' Kuehne and Nagel Drinks Logistics' it seems.

Oh well, without much further ado I had 14 casks picked up and was soon on to the Kegwatch depot in Reading for the rest. You live and learn.


  1. Why bother?

    Clearly mark your kegs. Paint them a colour. Expect the publican to have empty kegs available for pick up. If they don't, charge them. If they moan, sue them. Make it part of the supply contract.

  2. And never sell any beer ever again. Don't forget that bit.

  3. KNDL so well known for uplifting micros casks and then charging to get them back, that one micro (Marble I think,though maybe wrong.)now has stickers on their casks saying.. "Do not uplift etc... especially KNDL" It is also fair to say they are not the only ones.

  4. We've just started using the SIBA stickers on our casks which say only owning brewer is allowed to uplift. Brewers are obviously getting sick of the Kegwatch / Tradeteam etc casks held to Ransom!
    Surely its like theft, kidnap, blackmail?

  5. Some of the casks I picked up had the orange SIBA stickers on, so there are still problems. And they were of course painted with our colours and clearly marked with our name.

    We also make clear on our invoices that we want the casks back and we may charge the publican if we don't get them back. But as has been pointed out if we actually did that I'm sure the pub would never buy from us again!

  6. We charge pubs a deposit, which they only get back when the keg is returned. We are a distributor though, most brewers here don't charge us a deposit although I'm sure, hope, they do when dealing direct with pubs.
    Brewers here have the same problem with the Macros picking up kegs and expecting a deposit to return them to the owning brewer.

  7. Believe me, it's the landlords fault, as a drayman we wouldn't pick up anything more than we're supposed to, it's difficult when the landlord demands that you clear away all his empties. I have had loads of arguments over the years on this very subject, especially when you sell your beer to pub groups etc, there are millions of kegs out there and a lot but not all are very difficult to identify.
    Micro breweries, why don't you attach a cable tie tag red or white,
    clearly marking that only your own brewery picks them up. I for one realise the cost implications to yourselves and do leave them. But it's the landlord you want to charge. But I agree the big brewers and their delivery firms are greedy.