Wednesday 29 February 2012

The beer gods taketh away ...

... and the beer gods giveth. Scant weeks after the crushing disappointment of the Westerham shop closing I found myself in a beer bottle oasis. I was delivering to Nobel Green Wines, and despite the unpromising fruit based beverage name I found it has an excellent beer selection. I had to get myself the bottle of Orval I'd been lacking, and despite having well stocked beer cupboards there was so much on offer I couldn't resist a few more goodies too.


  1. Look, there is an Orval shortage for the moment.
    My local is currently considering a rationing system. Could all foreigners please restrain from comsuming Orval. Thank you !

  2. Oh dear, that sounds very serious. I completely see the point you're making and will not at all rush out and do some panic buying.

  3. This Orval shortage is real unfortunately, any ideas about why?