Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ye Olde Ship Inn, Guildford

On Sunday the lovely Lisa and I had a trip to the Surrey Alps. We were following a route in a Surrey Pub Walks book.

Our epic trek was over four miles, which those you familiar with Naismith's rule will realise it took us well over an hour. Oh yes, there were even slight hills and everything.

Fortunately our careful guidebook selection meant we started and ended at Ye Old Ship Inn just outside Guildford. The beers were from Greene King, not something I'd seek out but the Old Spec was pleasant enough (in fact I prefer its new weaker version) and the lovely Lisa had a rugby themed beer from Belhaven which had a good hoppy taste.

It's a pleasant looking pub close to the river and in a nice touch they had free pork scratchings on the bar, I think we might come back to this one.

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