Wednesday 15 April 2009

Advertising Standards Authority

The Advertising Standards Authority have pulled a Wells and Young's advert for Courage Worst.  Apparently the 'Take Courage' advert implying that half a can of the piss poor beer will give you the confidence to tell your girlfriend her bum looks big is just not on.

They have got a point though, as surely you'd have to be seriously pissed to say something that stupid to your girlfriend and half a can of Courage wouldn't do it. 

I have got a bit of a soft spot for the ASA as I made a successful complaint against InBev for the ridiculous claim that Leffe was "crafted in exactly the same way for 750 years".
It was dead easy to make the complaint as you just need to fill in an online form. InBev did have to pull the advert, but it just re-appeared saying this time "brewed with 800 years of tradition". Not sure where the other 50 years came from, or if anyone apart from me noticed, but it was fun seeing it happen. 


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