Wednesday 1 April 2009

And the lord said: "let there be beer"?

There's an odd snippet in the latest What's Brewing. Apparently three business men, who are all members of the Christian International Ministries, are planning to revive the Coors Visitors Center/Bass Museum as a national museum of brewing. A quick google revealed the Christian International Ministries to be exactly what it sounds like: an organisation of evangelical bible bashers.

So why on earth do these men what to run a brewing museum? Perhaps it's to put their side on some obscure theological debates. Did Jesus really turn water into barley wine?  Did he rise from the dead because it was he was gasping for a pint? Maybe the museum will promote creationism by saying beer was invented by God in 4004 BC?

Actually that last one won't work as some beers are clearly the work of the devil.

I've decided to help them in their endeavour by re-wording the ten commandments to reflect the importance of beer. Thou shalt not avoid thy round and honour the sabbath day by going to your local should help the beleaguered pub trade. I also think the parables could do with some updating so I'll be working on that too: Rejoyce, for I have found the black sheep (brewery).

From now on I shall also be offering a thought for the day, so remember it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a Bud drinker to enter the kingdom of God!


  1. Have you considered turning your campaign for proper keg into a religion? I'm sure the First Church of Beer (carbonated) would prove popular and you could get tax breaks too.