Thursday 16 April 2009

Harveys Brewery video

On the Guardian's website there's a video of Miles Jenner, the head brewer of Harveys, taking you through the brewing process.When you go on a brewery tour of Harveys it's usually him that takes you round. It's a lovely Victorian tower brewery, and Miles Jenner is clearly very proud of it and the excellent beers they make. I'd recommend the tour to all my fellow beer nerds. 

Watch the video here.


  1. I've been there too!! The town of Lewes was once the home of one of my heroes, Thomas Paine. What pissed me off about Harveys was they close their gift shop at 4:45!!

  2. I used to get down to Lewes every July to celebrate Tom Paine's life. Admittedly mainly by drinking Harvey's Tom Paine beer! That one seems to be the opposite of ESB in that it seems sweeter in the bottle than on draught.

    There are Tom Paine events held every year in Lewes: