Thursday 16 April 2009

Ale in Langdale

The rest of the beer consumption me and the lovely Lisa did over Easter was in and around Langdale. We usually stock up on beers from the excellent range at Booths and spend the evenings drinking in a mountaineering club hut. The pubs in Langdale are always busy and charge tourist prices so I don't feel bad depriving them of business, and we called in at several pubs anyway: the Stickle Barn (the drinking barn might be more appropriate), the Britannia (nice but always busy) and the Wainwright Inn (nice pub but lacking in cosiness). All had a good range of beers on with Coniston breweries 'Britannia special edition' a 4.3% ABV beer in 'the Landlord style' being the most outstanding.

The evenings though were spent in front of the hut fire. Despite the wide range available in Booths I think good old Fullers ESB was the one that went down the best.

Here's the lovely Lisa toasting crumpets to go with her pint - another amazing food and beer pairing!


  1. Sounds like a blast! I love Fullers ESB in bottles. Sam Smiths gets honorable mention too.

  2. I'm a big fan of ESB in bottle and on draught. In fact you'll be pleased to hear I even had a keg version when I was last in American and that went down very nicely too.

  3. Ed, I actually prefer the keg version to the cask version. Not because of my APRK affiliation, but the cask version is just too cloyingly malty for my taste buds. There's a pub in Hastings called The Cinque Ports that does Fullers ESB and Harveys Sussex Best Bitter. When I visit Hastings, Harveys is basically all I drink, besides the few pints of Cobra in the Indian.