Monday 20 April 2009

The New Inn, Send

On Sunday me and the Lovely Lisa popped in to the New Inn in Send. This has been a regular in the Good Beer Guide but we'd never managed to get there before. It was a nice sunny day though and the pub's by the canal side so it seemed like to good time to check it out. 

There were five beer on but not a very exciting selection. The only beer that was a bit out of the ordinary was Welton's Nationalistic Drivel(3.8%). OK, the beer wasn't really called that, but it had on the hand made pub clip loads of nationalist drivel trying to cash in on St Georges day. I know Guinness do well out of St Patricks day but that gets on my tits as well and attempts to do similar for St Georges day should be nipped in the bud before they take hold. Needless to say I didn't have a pint but the Lovely Lisa tried it. It was pale with a wet doggy smell and a slight hint of rubber in the taste so I don't think I missed out.  I settled for a pint of pride which was OK but nothing special. 

The pub was in a good location, it's nice being by the canal on a sunny day, but had a bit of a functional look and not much character. So we went home after one and I spent the rest of the afternoon sat in the sun in the garden drinking home brew until it was time to put the roast on. 

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