Thursday 4 June 2009

Are Brewdog losing it?

The normally excellent Brewdog have teamed up with lads mag Front to make possibly the worlds tackiest beer. A posting briefly appeared on their website last night announcing the launch of FRONT brew.

You'd have to be a tit to drink this?

The innovative range of beers Brewdog make and their ability to market them successfully have been a very welcome addition to British brewing but they seem to have lost it with this one.

You can read about it on the Front magazine webiste here.


  1. It's a proper gents lager though!

  2. I hope this doesn't taste of anything because if it does then most FRONT readers will kick off, start swearing and then beat up something.

    Gimmicky or not, there is a certain appeal to the label ;)

  3. All I can say Ed is that lets hope Melissa Cole doesnt find out. She may possibly dis-own them.

  4. Hi Ed,

    At FRONT we do our best to encourage our readers to drink British beer, and from independent brewers. Hopefully teaming up with such a great company like BrewDog will convince some of them to ditch mass produced lager in favour of something cooler and tastier.

    That's hardly a bad thing is it now?

    All the best,