Wednesday 10 June 2009

Beer flavoured ice cream anyone?

There's a few interesting tit-bits in the this month's Brewer and Distiller International:

Meantime brewery have brought out some beer flavoured ice creams using coffee porter, chocolate beer and raspberry wheat beer. I suspect it doesn't taste much different to normal ice cream but I'll have to give it a go. I'm heading to the Greenwich Beer and Jazz festival next month so maybe I'll visit the Meantime pub again whilst I'm in the area.

Wells and Young's are bringing out a tall cask beer font to compete with the one Greene King launched recently.

It looks like cask beer is going to be more eye catching in future but I hope designer fonts don't discourage pubs from stocking guest beers.

And one which will I'm sure keep many CAMRA members happy is the news that Thwaites are bringing out a bottle conditioned version of the Nutty Black mild.

There's also an article about the new bottling line my old boss Steve Brooks has had installed at but I suspect I would bore even my fellow beer nerds if I started wittering on about that. 



  1. I've made some great beer ice creams and I've got plans for more. I bet the London Porter would make a great ice cream! I've been in the Greenwich Union a couple of times in the past few weeks - had a super pint of cask LPA.

  2. Is beer ice cream beery or creamy?

    Good to hear Meantime have a cask beer, I'll have to try that.

  3. It does retain some of the beer character, yes. It's really quite good. Avoid too many hops though as they add a strange tangy astringency that has no place in ice cream!

    Brewdog's RipTide has given excellent ice cream!