Thursday 25 June 2009

Desert Island beer #3 - Ringwood XXXX porter

This is the last of my desert island beers with a guaranteed place.
A seasonal brew I first came across this when I was young and new to the delights of real ale and this was certainly a delight. Foolishly I was working my way across the hand pumps that night and I only had one pint!

I didn't see it again for many years after that and when I did it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I tried it. Could it really be as good as I remembered? Thankfully, it was, and though I still only see it occasionally it’s never let me down. It’s also available in bottles now, and my own attempt at following a recipe based on it worked out well too. It’s a rich dark beer but without the astringency you get in many stouts so it goes down very nicely, and I hope still will when I'm holding a glass of it whilst lounging under my palm tree.

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