Monday 29 June 2009

The Crown, Horsell

On Saturday me and the lovely Lisa went back to the Crown in Horsell. We enjoyed our last visit so it is slightly embarrassing to look back through the blog and see it was nearly three months ago. We really do need to get out to local pubs more.

The Crown is a friendly pub with a big beer garden for us to sit in. The guest beer was Dorking brewery's excellent DB One, a pale ale similar in taste to Timothy Taylor's Landlord but with a bit more malt. Landlord is a favourite of ours so we had three of these in quick succession before heading home. We then failed to stick to this modest limit by cracking open a bottle of Landlord and testing the latest home brew. One of these day's we'll get the hang of limiting our drinking*.

*This statement may not be factually correct.

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