Sunday 21 June 2009

The Sir Walter Tyrell, Brook

Me and the lovely Lisa went to the New Forest for her unbirthday celebrations this weekend
(apparently having a January birthday is a bit rubbish so another celebration is needed when there's some sun).

After my beer self sufficiency week it was time to hit the pubs again. The first one we hit as the Sir Walter Tyrell, named after the knight who killed King William Rufus in a hunting 'accident' nearby. It seems the king was so unpopular no one really cared that much when he died. The fact the only memorial, the Rufus stone, marks the spot where the tree which the arrow supposedly ricocheted off into the king stood, speaks volumes. They didn't bother marking the spot where the king died, and in fact they left his body where it fell until a local charcoal burner loaded it into a cart and took it to Winchester Cathedral. 

The pub named after the regicide was a big bog standard chain pub, which was pleasant enough, though the beer wasn't up to scratch. We had Sharp's Doombar, a beer I'm usually very fond of, but it was as flat as a pancake here. Even more disturbingly the last time I had a Doombar, at the Blackfriars in London, it was also flat. I hope Sharp's aren't going downhill. We only stayed for one there.

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  1. Hi Ed,
    We were alarmed to read our comments on flat Doom Bar. As a brewery that is obsessive about the quality of our beer in the trade we visited both the Sir Walter Tyrell and Blackfriars. Both landlords were vey surprised and when we visited the quality of the oom Bar was great.
    Keep us posted if you do find any more "substandard" Sharp'sin the trade.
    The Sharp's Brewing Team